My books on Islam

Islamic Studies in India
    New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company, 1991.

Quantitative Study of Islamic Literature
    New Delhi, M.D.Publications, 1993.

Muslims in India
    New Delhi, Anmol, 1993.

Encylopedic Survey of Islamic Culture
    New Delhi, Anmol, 1997.

    Vol. 1: Islamic Theology.

    Vol. 2: Studies in Quran.

    Vol. 3: Educational developments in the Muslim world.

    Vol. 4: Arabic literature and thought.

    Vol. 5: Medieval Muslim historiography.

    Vol. 6: Muslim rule in Deccan.

    Vol. 7: Sufism: evolution and practice.

    Vol. 8: Studies in Islamic economics.

    Vol. 9: Mughal India

    Vol. 10: Mughal India

Islamic Librarianship
    New Delhi, Anmol, 1997. (Studies in Librarianship, vol. 1)
    (A collection of papers)