Mumtaz A Anwar, "Europe and Muslims: A demographic study of citations from the Index Islamicus databases", in Islamic Information Sources, Symposium, Riyadh, 31 Oct. - 3 Nov., 1999.
(Abstract: The purpose of this study was to identify the focus on subjects and developing trends in the literature on 'Europe' and 'Muslims'. The study was based on 277 citations culled from the Index Islamicus on CD-ROM database, and divided into two periods, 1986-1990 and 1992-1996. The analysis brings out the following: 1). The amount of literature has grown from 77 citations produced during 1986-90 to 200 produced during 1992-96, with an increase of 159.7%; 2). Conference papers and journal articles dominate the other print forms; 3) thematically, Muslims in Central Asia, Fundamentalism and revivalism and Muslim minorities in Western Europe, received attention only during 1992-96; 4) 23 countries, together, produced 103 books, with Russia and Turkey dominating others; 5)  19 countries produced 76 journals and these contributing for 146 articles, with 17 journals during 1986-90 to 64 during 1992-96; 6) journal titles, Central Asian Survey, Rocznik Tatarow Polskich, and Cahiers du Monde Russe are leading; 7)  of the 277 citations surveyed, English language had 56.3%, followed by French, German, Russian and Polish; 8) The 273 authored citations were produced by 257 writers, 6 authors produced 4 items, and another 6 produced 3 items each; 9) collaborative publications increased from 6 to 25, 19986-90 to 1992-96, respectively.

Geoffrey Roper, "European-language periodicals as sources of information on the Muslim world: their history, characteristics and bibliographical control", in Islamic Information Sources, Symposium, Riyadh, 31 Oct. - 3 Nov., 1999.
(Abstract: A survey of the history, trends and prospects, dealt under the following themes: history of European serial publications, origins and development of general European periodical publishing on the Muslim world, Orientalists periodicals, Changing western views of the Muslim world as expressed in periodical articles, the development of Muslim periodicals in European languages, bibliographical control of periodical literature, and trends in periodical publishing in Islamic studies. ).

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