Literature of the Islamic Classical Era in English Translation


Dr. Mohamed Taher


Literary sources that fascinate the Western readers include:

A collection of ancient Persian-Indian-Arabic tales of uncertain date and authorship ( ) "A collection of stories, from Sindbad, Ali Baba & Forty Thieves, Aladdin, Maruf the Cobbler, that have entertained people for centuries" (The Complete Idiot's Guide(R) to Understanding Islam. By Yahiya Emerick. Indianapolis, IN., Alpha Books, 2002.(ISBN: 0-02-864233-3) p. 303)


"Currently, his poems about faith and life sell more books in America than any other poet's" (The Complete Idiot's Guide(R) to Understanding Islam. p. 303)








Kritzeck, James, ed. Anthology of Islamic Literature. Penguin USA. 1990. 379pp. ISBN: 0452008794

(Anthology of Islamic Literature presents a representative and rich sampling of some thirteen centuries of great Islamic literture, spanning the period from the rise of Mohammed and the Age of Caliphs to the Mughal poetry of India and Ottoman poetry at the end of the eighteenth century. It encompasses the writings of mystics, poets, storytellers, biographers, visionaries, spinners of tales and proverbs. More than forty selections are included in this volume to introduce the Western reader to the culture of Islam, to the depth and breadth of its imaginative vision). source:

-- -- -- Modern Islamic Literature: From Eighteen Hundred to the Present. N A L, 1972. ISBN: 0451611667


Najibullah. Islamic Literature: An introductory history with selections. New York, Washington Square Press, 1963.

Smith, B. P. Islam in English Literature. Beirut, American Press, 1939.

Taher, Mohamed. Quantitative Study of Islamic Literature. New Delhi, M D Publications, 1993. 183 p. ISBN: 81-85880-11-5

------------- and Dr. Siddiq Ali, “Literature about Islam in America: A Survey of Sources of Information”, American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, 4 (1987), 127-33.


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